Take The Pledge

Clean waterways start
with clean storm drains.
Clean storm drains start
with clean highways.
Clean highways start with me.

I commit to doing my part to keep our water clean. I pledge to:

  1. Wipe off brake dust build-up on
    my rims and wheels
  2. Keep my vehicles clean to prevent
    residue from washing off when it rains
  3. Reduce fluid leaks with regular vehicle maintenance
  4. Properly dispose of my trash and recycling
  5. Tarp and tie down my trash, vegetation
    and other loads to keep my items secure
  6. Keep my tires properly inflated to prevent wear and improve mileage
  7. Avoid pesticides and fertilizers when
    rain is forecast

Want a printed pledge instead?
Download the "print ready"
version of our pledge:

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