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Pre-roll video   Trash Your Trash video   Secure Your Load video



Clean Water Activity Book 

Protect Every Drop Pledge Sticker



Protect Every Drop Infographics

English Infographic Spanish Infographic Runoff Infographic




Car Wash Infographic  Metal Pollution Infographic Illegal Dumping Infographic















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Mall Signage


Trash Wrap

Protect Every Drop   Properly Dispose of Your Trash   Pet Waste






Download Posters (available in 11x17 and 8.5x11)

Northern California

English 8.5x11                    English 11x17                           Spanish 8.5x11                       Spanish 11x17


Southern California

English 8.5x11                       English 11x17                       Spanish 8.5x11                           Spanish 11x17



Listen to the General Campaign English Radio spot :15

Listen to the Spanish Radio Spot :15

Listen to the General Campaign English Radio Spot :30

Listen to the Spanish Radio Spot :30

Listen to the Cigarette Butts radio ad.

Listen to the Fix Your Leaks radio ad.

Listen to the Inflate Your Tires radio ad.

Listen to the Dispose of Your Pet Waste radio ad.

Listen to the Secure Your Load radio ad.

Listen to the Trash Your Trash radio ad.

Protect Every Drop Campaign Logos

Stacked High Resolution Low Resolution 



High Resolution Horizontal 

Low Resolution Horizontal 


Download the English Tip Flyer

Download the Spanish Tip Flyer

Download the Chinese Tip Flyer

Download the Hmong Tip Flyer


Download the Russian Tip Flyer

Download the Vietnamese Tip Flyer

Download the Punjabi Tip Flyer

Download the Korean Tip Flyer