Public Materials Toolkit

Public Materials Toolkit 

Welcome to the Protect Every Drop Public Materials Toolkit! The purpose of this page is to help the general public, as well as our local and regional partners, reduce stormwater pollution and protect water quality. The following materials are available for the public and stakeholders to download for free.

Some materials are customizable! You may add your logo and print them for your local use. Please see our branding guidelines for customization regulations. Some of our materials are available in additional sizes and formats. Use the contact form to see what additional creative materials are available.


Protect Every Drop Branding Guidelines

The Protect Every Drop campaign can be used by both local and regional agencies and can be customized to fit the needs of your specific area. It’s important to maintain the creative integrity of the campaign and it must not be altered when adapting the creative. Some items can be customized, and any changes to campaign creatives other than the pre-approved customizations listed must be presented to the Caltrans contract manager for approval. Please see our branding guidelines for full details.





Download the Protect Every Drop Pre Roll Videos                      ​             

Pre-roll video   Trash Your Trash video   Secure Your Load video




Clean Water Activity Books 

Interested in teaching kids about watersheds, pollution, and what they can do to help? Protect Every Drop offers a fun and interactive way to do just that with the “Clean Water Activity Book.” It’s intended audience are children between the ages of 7-10 years old and is available for download in English and Spanish! These activity books are available for shipment, use our contact form to request some for your upcoming event.


Clean Water Activity Book                        Libro de Actividades de Agua Pura



Protect Every Drop Pledge Sticker

Take the pledge to Protect Every Drop! Or take the pledge online!

Interested in using pledges during your next event? We have pledges available for shipment to your location. Use our contact form to request these pledges.





Protect Every Drop Infographics

Infographics are a simple and effective way to educate your audience about stormwater pollution and prevention methods. They are also great for use on social media or other platforms. Below are infographics that show how stormwater travels into local waterways, how common pollutants are introduced, and actions you can take to prevent stormwater pollution.


English Infographic Spanish Infographic Runoff Infographic




Car Wash Infographic  Metal Pollution Infographic Illegal Dumping Infographic














Digital/Online Web Banners ads

Our banner ad creatives include messages on proper waste disposal, pesticide use, vehicle maintenance, pet waste, and more. Below are samples of the creatives we have available. They are available in the following sizes:

  • 300x250
  • 320x50
  • 160x600
  • 500x500
  • 725x90
  • 300x600

For additional sizes and formats, please use the contact form.













Mall Signage

Spread stormwater pollution prevention messages and awareness using mall signage! Some of the signs available include:

  • General campaign message with Northern California imagery
  • General campaign message with Southern California imagery
  • Recycle Your Recyclables
  • Trash Your Trash
  • Don’t Leave Your Load Behind
  • Check Your Vehicle For Fluids




Trash Wrap

Hosting an awareness or clean up event? Use these trash wraps during the event to reinforce the stormwater pollution prevention messages!


Protect Every Drop   Properly Dispose of Your Trash   Pet Waste





Download Posters (available in 11x17 and 8.5x11)

The following creative items can be used as signage during any outreach or community event. Or handed out with other promotional items during that event. They’re available in both English and Spanish, for both Northern and Southern California imagery.


Northern California

English 8.5x11                    English 11x17                           Spanish 8.5x11                       Spanish 11x17


Southern California

English 8.5x11                       English 11x17                       Spanish 8.5x11                           Spanish 11x17



Radio Spots

15-second and 30-second radio spot ads are available for use on social media, presentations, paid media placements, or other ways!

They include the following campaign messages:

  • 30-second General Campaign in English and Spanish
  • 15-second General Campaign in English and Spanish
  • 15-second Cigarette Butts
  • 15-second Fix Your Leaks
  • 15-second Inflate Your Tires
  • 15-second Dispose of Your Pet waste
  • 15-second Secure Your Load
  • 15-second Trash Your Trash

Contact us  to add your agency’s tag to the radio ads.


Listen to the General Campaign English Radio spot :15

Listen to the General Campaign Spanish Radio Spot :15

Listen to the General Campaign English Radio Spot :30

Listen to the General Campaign Spanish Radio Spot :30

Listen to the Cigarette Butts radio ad.

Listen to the Fix Your Leaks radio ad.

Listen to the Inflate Your Tires radio ad.

Listen to the Dispose of Your Pet Waste radio ad.

Listen to the Secure Your Load radio ad.

Listen to the Trash Your Trash radio ad.


Protect Every Drop Campaign Logos

Add our logos to your website and link to Protect Every Drop! Add our logo to your newsletter, collateral or whereever.


Stacked High Resolution Low Resolution 



High Resolution Horizontal 

Low Resolution Horizontal 




Protect Every Drop Tip Cards

A great handout for any event, these 3.5 x 8 inch tip cards are short and easy to read! Available in the following languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Hmong
  • Russian
  • Vietnamese
  • Punjabi
  • Korean

These are also available for shipment! Use our contact form to have these tip cards shipped directly to you.


Download the English Tip Flyer

Download the Spanish Tip Flyer

Download the Chinese Tip Flyer

Download the Hmong Tip Flyer


Download the Russian Tip Flyer

Download the Vietnamese Tip Flyer

Download the Punjabi Tip Flyer

Download the Korean Tip Flyer