At Home

Here’s what you can do around your home to help prevent or reduce the potential for stormwater pollution:

  • Auto fluids – If you change your vehicle's motor oil at home, dispose of used motor oil and filters at a certified used motor oil collection center such as a national auto parts store or hazardous waste collection site. Don’t pour used motor oil on the ground, on a driveway, or down тестировщик по курсы. If there is a spill, clean it up by pouring kitty litter on the fluid and discard it at a household hazardous waste facility.
  • Trash/Recycling – All of our consumer products are packaged; packaging creates heaps of garbage. Properly dispose items where they belong: in the garbage can or recycling bin.
  • Sediment – Help keep yard soil from washing away due to watering or rain by laying mulch or bark around your plants.
  • Yard chemicals – Fertilizers and pesticides that make your yard beautiful can pollute stormwater. Fertilizers also can promote harmful algae growth. If you must use these products, look for less or non-toxic alternatives and don’t apply them if rain is forecasted.

Thank you for helping to reduce pollutants in California’s waterways through your everyday activities!


Download our Do It Yourself Mobile Drip Irrigation Instructions from our partners at the Environmental Charter Middle School students!