About the Campaign

Protect Every Drop is Caltrans’ Stormwater Public Education Campaign to help encourage positive behaviors needed by the motoring public to help improve water quality throughout the state. By reducing stormwater pollution in and around the more than 50,000 lane miles of the highway system, water that discharges into major watersheds in the will carry fewer pollutants and reduce the impact to our precious waterways. This campaign is our way to let the public know that clean water starts with clean highways. 


Key Actions

Most Californians are unaware of stormwater runoff pollution and what they can do to reduce its impacts. The campaign addresses key actions the public can take which stops pollution at its source, including:

  • Properly disposing of trash and other items containing pollutants
  • Covering truckloads that may fall or blow off during travel
  • Performing routine vehicle and tire maintenance, which reduces pollution from vehicles
Properly dispose of trash Cover truckloads Perform routine vehicle and tire maintenance


For more information on things you can do, CLICK HERE.
The campaign also addresses other pollutants found in highway stormwater that may originate from non-highway sources such as pesticides and bacteria from natural sources. All of this will improve water quality in our streams, rivers, lakes and coastal waters, keeping them drinkable, swimmable and fishable.