Non-Profit Partners

Caltrans is Proud to Partner with the Following Organizations
Regional Parks Foundation

Regional Parks Foundation: The Regional Parks Foundation believes connections with nature are critical for leading a healthy, balanced life. In addition to their commitment supporting the Caltrans Stormwater campaign, the foundation is dedicated to assisting the East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) in its mission to provide recreation and educational experiences to all populations. Through fundraising, the nonprofit provides resources to ensure underserved populations have equal access to nature through the East Bay Regional Park District's parks, trails, programs and services. To learn more about upcoming events or to become a member, check out their website.

Sacramento Splash

Sacramento Splash is a non-profit organization founded in 1999. Their mission is to help local children understand and value the natural world through science and outdoor exploration. Their Splash Education Center is a private facility that houses their organization. Splash and their Center facilitate exploration of more than 1,000 acres of high-quality vernal pool grasslands that surround it. Visit their website to learn more about the organization and their educational programs.

Pollutants that originate from motorists on the highways make up 70% of the sediment that washes into Lake Tahoe which disrupts water clarity. As an organization that encourages positive behavior and a protection of lake water quality, the TAHOE REGIONAL PLANNING AGENCY offers their commitment in public outreach and awareness efforts of the Caltrans Stormwater campaign. Check them out online for more information.

Keep CA Beautiful

Keep CA Beautiful (KCB) is dedicated to protecting our golden state’s natural beauty. KCB rallies thousands of volunteers to keep their communities clean by recycling and having cleanups throughout the state. They hope to encourage more people to do their part to protect our waterways by partnering with Caltrans’ Stormwater campaign. Learn more and visit their website. 

Valley Foothill Watersheds Collaborative is a champion for watershed health. They collaborate with non-profit, government and private organizations to work on projects that are aimed at keeping our waterways clean. These projects include goals such as, restoration, conservation, and greenhouse gas reduction. In a partnership with the Caltrans Stormwater campaign, they are dedicated to help us Protect Every Drop. Visit their website to learn more about the organization and their goals.

Sac State has made various efforts to make sustainability a priority on campus. Students, faculty, and staff work together to make the campus more sustainable and create a culture where sustainability is second nature. Sac State efforts have reduced their environmental impact, created a place where students explore, develop innovative ideas and become pioneers in sustainability. Hosting Clean up events, Composting Practices Seminars, and fundraisers, Sac State Sustainability is the perfect partner to aid Protect Every Drop in the improvement of water and environmental quality.