Media Partners

Caltrans is Proud to Partner with the Following Organizations

CBS Media strategically reaches more than 90% of Californians each week through radio, TV, digital, out-of-home and more. They are dedicated to spreading Caltrans' Stormwater campaign message to inform, influence and change behaviors for clean water throughout California. You can visit their website for more information about their media efforts.

Lotus Communication Corp Logo

With their top-rated in-language stations, Lotus Communication Corp effectively reaches audience members of a unique, multicultural and diverse populations. They join Caltrans in their promotion for stormwater awareness efforts to educate and prevent environmental pollution. Visit their website here to learn more about their organization and outreach.

Outfront Media Logo

Outfront Media is the U.S. leader in national out-of-home advertising with digital and static displays in the most iconic and high-traffic markets of the U.S. In collaboration with Caltrans, they are providing opportunities to engage both mass and targeted audiences with stormwater messaging to promote the important effort of clean water awareness. Visit their website to learn more about their media efforts across the nation.

AAB Outdoor Media Logo

AAB Outdoor Media® is the exclusive provider of Eco-Smart™ advertising on Southern California’s busiest and most popular beaches. The Adopt A Beach® Program not only provides a cost-effective way to reach your target market in one of the fastest growing media outlets—Out of Home (OOH); our Eco-Smart barrels™, which are located directly on the экскурсия в тюрьму спб, pier, boardwalks, and parking lots, provide an environmentally focused opportunity for businesses who see the great importance in keeping our beaches clean. AAB Outdoor Media® is dedicated to providing effective outdoor advertising opportunities while keeping Southern California beaches beautiful.

EcoMedia has leveraged the power of advertising to direct more than $80 million dollars in funding and resources to non-profits tackling the world’s most pressing issues—from the environment and education to health and wellness. Founded in 2001, they are now pleased to be a part of Caltrans’ campaign to help improve the quality of our water throughout California. Visit their website for more information.


Entercom is one of the nation’s largest radio broadcasters. They've worked to leverage their influence towards the positive development of local communities and are committed to sustainable initiatives, with the belief that one improvement each day creates a better place for future generations. Because of their efforts in environmental, and community outreach, and their contribution to the campaign’s advertising, Protect Every Drop is proud to call Entercom a partner.