Stormwater and Watersheds

What is Stormwater?

Stormwater runoff is water from rain, melted snow and ice, and water from sprinklers and hoses that runs on the ground’s surface and ends up in storm drains. Eventually the water in the storm drains makes its way to our lakes, rivers, streams, and the ocean. As the stormwater runoff moves along the surface making its way into storm drains the water collects trash, debris, oil and other pollutants.

What is a Watershed?

Everyone lives in a watershed! Many think a watershed is used for water storage, but it’s not. A watershed is an area of land where water travels from a high point, like a mountain or a rooftop, to a low point, such as a river or creek. Water moves through the storm drain system both underground and on the surface. It flows into streams and rivers, which become larger as the water moves downstream, eventually reaching bigger bodies of waters like lakes and the ocean.